The RC Car Guide

Buying and Maintaining your Remote Control Car


Are you thinking of entering into the world of Remote Control Cars? There are probably a lot of questions you will have about which car is best for you. The RC Car Guide will help you decide.

Are you a current owner of an RC car? You need The RC Car Guide to help you maintain and speed tune your RC Car!

The RC Car Guide is packed with information you need on choosing an RC Car and keeping it running it's best after your purchase. Here are a few of the chapters you will find inside:

Getting Started In The RC Car Hobby

Tips On Buying Your First RC Car

Nitro (Gas) Car or Electric Car? - Making The Choice

RC Car Terms You Need To Know

Essential Tips For RC Car Maintenance

Getting The Most Speed From Your RC Car

AND More!

With the The RC Car Guide you will spend more time racing and less time repairing your RC Car because you will learn how to properly maintain your car. You will also find speed tuning tips that will make your out of the box stock car reach it's optimum performance.

Whether you are new to the RC Car scene or a longtime hobbiest, The RC Car Guide is a must-have ebook that will provide you with the knowledge for making this great hobby more enjoyable . . . And you can be reading it in minutes, because The RC Car Guide is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer.

P.S. -The RC Car Guide can save you much more than it's low cost in repairs and tuning tips, as well as help you in choosing the right car. Before buying any RC Car, you should get your copy!

P.P.S. - We will be raising the price of The RC Car Guide back to it's regular price soon, so don't wait -Order Now for only $4.95!



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